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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Peter King calls Derek Jeter the best ever?

Early favorites - NFL - Yahoo! Sports: "2. I think I said something to my bride the other night that I never thought I'd say about a New York Yankee. As many of you may have divined from this column over the years, that's not my favorite franchise on earth. Anyway, I said to her: I'm not sure about this, but I think when Derek Jeter retires, I will say he's the best baseball player I ever saw.

Living in Jersey, I see the man come to bat maybe 300 times a season, and I watch him in the field maybe 40 percent of his innings. But Jeter personifies effort every time he puts on the uniform; there is never anything but 100 percent effort. Every at-bat is quality. Every ball hit to him, and some only close to him, are gobbled up with certainty. And the way he carries himself ... He is baseball's Tiger Woods. He is this Yankee generation's DiMaggio. And I think he'll go down as better than Mantle, because though Mantle was truly great, he also squandered much of his ability through wild living."

That's pretty impressive praise for a guy who isn't the best fielder or hitter at his position on his own team. But one I completely agree with. The guy is just a winner through and through and I would take him over ARod on my real team (not fantasy) any day.


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