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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Crazy World of Our National Media: Pt II

File this one in the folder Brad DeLong calls, "Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps?" Or maybe it's the answer to the question.

I was watching one of our local news stations (in Denver, Colorado) last night. My wife likes to get some news and only has time to catch it late in the evening, but also likes to be in bed by 10 so we generally watch the WB2 local version that comes on at 9 pm. Last night, about 10 minutes into the news, after all the 'really important stuff', the newscaster reads the following story (which is paraphrased below):

"A cocker spaniel died today after it disturbed the nest of some bees. It was stung over 100 times. The incident took place in California."

This was on the local news in Denver. Hmmmmmm...

Should I draw comfort from the fact that apparently, this story drew national attention?

"Pinto's story and anticipated recovery garnered national media attention, but his condition worsened after the family returned home Monday night with Pinto wrapped in a blanket and placed him on the couch." (Karen Robes, Long Beach Press Telegram)

"Dog Attacked By Some 20,000 Bees Dies" KABC TV Los Angeles
"Dog Dies After Attack By Swarm of Bees" NBC6 South Florida
"Dog Dies After Attack By Swarm of Bees" ABC 7 Denver