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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Two Days in October

Excellent, excellent, moving documentary about events involving the Vietnam War both abroad and at home in 1967. Catch it on TV if you can or read the transcript here (click below). Dr. Maurice Zeitlin of the University of Wisconsin, Madison gives just about the most perfect take on that troubled time and the actions of men and women on both sides of the debate at home over the war.

American Experience Two Days in October Transcript PBS:

"Maurice Zeitlin: I have only respect for the men who fought in that war, because they didn't make the war, they didn't choose to fight in that war, but they accepted a responsibility that they thought was theirs as an American citizen, okay? They carried the burden of being an American citizen. When they were sent to war, they fought. And I carried the burden, not at all comparable, of being an American citizen by opposing that war. And I had the choice and they didn't. And, for that, I was privileged and they weren't, but we were both doing our duty."


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