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Friday, May 20, 2005

Our Marvelous Media

Grades are in and my wife and I are watching the TV news last night. It's before 10 so we watch the local Fox affiliate. I haven't seen as much bias in their coverage as the cable news version but the bias is reflected in what they don't say.

A 1 hour news broadcast. When it comes time for news around the world (a 2 minute segment about 35 minutes into the program, after the weather) we hear about a hot air balloon crash, a fire outside LA that burned - get this - 4 acres of grassland. And a burst watermain that flooded an intersection -- in another state. No mention of Iraq. No mention that the latest assessment from military planners is more dire than we have previously been told. No mention that more Americans died today. In fact, no mention of any news outside of the USA. No mention of cloning in Korea. No mention of the vote on the European constitution. If it bleeds it ledes.