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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Post Game Notes: Pats over Jaguars

1) That was probably one of the closer 28-3 ball games you'll see. But it's a great win and the Pats are definitely playing their best ball of the season. Whether this is enough, we'll see. Their two biggest challenges ahead of them are having to play inside on the Indy Speedway or having to play in the altitude of Denver.

2) I think it's silly for people to say weather did not play a factor in the game. How did they think that was going to manifest itself? That Jacksonville would curl up in a ball and wimper on the 40 yard line? Anyone who has played football in the cold knows where it affects you -- on your hands and in getting hit. The hits hurt that much more and your hands are just that much less flexible and agile. Hence the dropped passes by both teams. The fumbles after big hits. And most importantly, the missed tackles. You tend to miss a tackle in the cold when you just try to grab someone or simply hit them. And finally - Belichick passed on two field goals under 50 yards. And this on a day when we were told wind would not be a factor. Maybe this explains why the Jaguars kicker missed a field goal and barely made another.

3) Finally, looking forward - The Pats lost to both Indy and Denver this year. If I were a betting man I would head to the window and put cash down on the Pats. Belichick's record in rematches against quarterbacks who beat his team earlier in the year? 14-0. 'Nuff Said.


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