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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

E-Mail vs. Intellect

The Chronicle of Higher Education's Weblog - Wired Campus Blog (and our own Rocky Mountain News - notes a recent English study about the effects of E-Mail on IQ. One of their findings?

The average computer user's IQ drops an average of 10 points during testing when he or she is interrupted regularly by incoming e-mail messages, the study found. It also concluded that women are better at such multitasking than men are. (Bloomberg News)

I can vouch for that. Although I am not sure that is my IQ that is falling or my concentration levels. Summers critics please note: the study found women are better at multi-tasking than men.

Fans of Rob Becker already knew this. Find out about Defending the Caveman and this incredibly valuable show. It literally can save your marriage. Becker argues that men evolved to hunt -- hence they have great focus. Ever try to interrupt a man while he is channel surfing? He's hunting according to Becker. Woman evolved to gatherer. Hence, their ability to do twenty things at once. And their inability to comprehend how a man watching TV can't hear them when they ask a question.


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