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Monday, April 18, 2005

Why this man never became President

I actually liked Bob Kerrey as a Presidential candidate 13 years ago. A war hero. A genuine person. I had worked with him and trusted him and thought he would be great for the Party and the country. Of course he imploded as a candidate and then went on to mystify national Party leaders by repeatedly berating Clinton throughout his Presidency without expressing a consistent grievance.

Well now his tempermental, unpresidential nature rears its ugly head again. This time he has proclaimed himself "disillusioned with Mr. Bloomberg and [indicated he] was considering getting into the race himself. Since he is a Democrat, that's not too surprising. But then, consider the following from the New York Times:

The aides, who spoke on the condition that they not be identified so as to avoid a public fight with Mr. Kerrey, said the former senator from Nebraska did not hesitate to accept Mr. Bloomberg's personal request about two weeks ago that he become chairman of Democrats for Bloomberg. That followed a meeting with William T. Cunningham, the mayor's communications director, and Robert B. Tierney, the city's Landmarks Preservation Commission chairman, where, the aides said, Mr. Kerrey spoke highly of the mayor and indicated that he would be willing to assist the re-election campaign.

Two weeks after beoming head of Democrats for Bloomberg? It's not as though Bloomberg suddenly transformed himself into Tom DeLay either. He is a lifelong Democrat who became a Republican merely to get on the ballot and avoid the Democratic Primary - a wise move to say the least. He endorsed both Senators Clinton and Schumer in their races. He probably would have endorsed Kerry if the convention wasn't going to be held in New York. He is a Republican in name only. So what exactlu is Kerrey's grievance? Bloomberg hasn't done enough to protect New York taxpayers from the alternative minimum tax. Well the list of those who have is about, hmmmm, gee, how long? Oh yeah, it's non-existent.


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