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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Dan Carol has Some ideas about "What We Are For"

Dan Carol, always talking good sense, does it again with a posting about Democrats, Bush and energy policy.

So Bush is pushing a new framework in recent speeches and in his radio address which is simply: "I am a problem-solver and I am trying to tackle the pressing challenges."
He is road-testing this around energy right now and then will take it to Social Security and other issues. He'll try and paint Democrats as obstructionist-whiners -- unless what we are offering is more than "Not Bush."
On energy, there is a ton we can say. Start with supporting the bi-partisan
Set America Free plan for flexible fuel plug-in hybrid cars to bring us oil independence. Add in weatherizing 12 million eligible homes and lots more end user efficiency efforts that create jobs and save energy. Top it off with growing our own gasoline with new bio-based fuels.
On nuclear power, always remember that taxpayers currently subsidize the industry for the billions of dollars it would cost if there was a plant accident -- it's a 1950s era law called Price-Anderson. Personally, if the nuclear power industry thinks that the new generation of plants are so safe and supported a repeal of that law, plus would pay the full freight on waste disposal, then I'd say have at it. I doubt they would, but that's a set of conditions I could live with. And I think politically it's better than just saying "no".


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