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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Eric Boehlert at Salon has an excellent piece reminding folks to temper their enthusiasm for the press' new-found beligerence and dogged pushing for the 'truth.'

The consensus among observers of this press phenomenon is that reporters in the besieged city experienced such a huge disconnect between what they were seeing up close and what they were hearing from relief officials (e.g., Brown's early assertion that the federal relief effort was "going relatively well") that they couldn't help boiling over on the air. No doubt that's true. But for how many months (years?) have reporters in Iraq been witnessing the disconnect between the often burgeoning, bloody insurgency and rhetoric from White House officials who insist the insurgents are actually in their "final throes"? Why have so little anger and passion about Iraq appeared on TV screens? One answer: There's a powerful conservative push-back against the press when it hits hard on Iraq -- which so far has not occurred regarding Katrina.

Matt Yglesias and Sam Rosenfield at The American Prospect Blog caution that the beligerence seems to be fading already. Here and here


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