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Friday, November 19, 2004

Remember Kerry's Law Enforcement Strategy for the War on Terror?

Turns out he was right after all. Of course sensible people knew this already, but it's so easy to think that aggression = strength, that use of the army will better safeguard us. Of course Kerry had every intention of destroying Al Qaeda and its networks, but it was so tempting for Bush to pretend that Kerry was going to presume people were innocent and try to bring them to trial rather than to kill them where they slept. This calumny against Kerry was never entirely accurate during the campaign in that it meant to evoke a candidate who was weaker than another on homeland security (G-d we have to stop using that phrase. It's so Fourth Reichian)

An article in this week's National Journal opines that terrorism experts say that Bush has pretty much exhausted the armed forces effectiveness in the war on terror and from here on out will have to switch to a law enforcement based strategy that hinges on international cooperation. National Journal Magazine Archives.



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