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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Halliburton was Pressured to Buy Kuwaiti Oil

In today's news: U.S. Officials Pressured Halliburton to Buy Kuwaiti Company's Oil, Documents Show

If only life were as tidy as the GOP wished. I guess that's what happens when you no longer live in the 'reality-based community.' Remember during the debates when Edwards and also Kerry tried to score some points on the activities of Halliburton in Iraq. And we were told by the media (as part of their report card/ truth squad/ deconstructions of the debate efforts) that giving Iraq contracts to Halliburton was a phony issue since no one else could do the work? Well it turns out that one of the chief procurement officers in the Pentagon warned her bosses about the no bid contracts and said that she doubted Halliburton was the only firm that could do this work. Now investigations in Congress are uncovering more sordid details that members of the GOP have used Iraq as their own personal little K-Street Project. "Hey, we're over here, bringin' some freedom. Let's see how we can make a little cash on the side." There is this embarrassing email which has surfaced showing former US Ambassador to Kuwait berating Halliburton officials into buying overpriced fuel.


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