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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Red-Sex Ed

Shocking article from Ellen Goodman in today's Globe about the latest reform to sex education in Texas. Or should we call it sex ignorification? Sex education, Texas-style

Among the highlights is this gem:

"Only one of the four approved books even mentions contraceptives. The altered lessons teach students how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases in many ways -- including "getting plenty of rest" -- but not by using condoms. One actually suggests using latex gloves to avoid contact with blood but says nothing about using latex . . . you get the idea."

Actually, one thing that she neglects to mention is that abstinence only education programs have a pretty poor record when it comes to preventing the bad outcomes like pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. I don't know the research on the effect on sexual activity rates, but shouldn't our main concern, from a policy perspective, be keeping these kids alive, healthy, and not pregnant so they can stay in school? And shouldn't we also point out that there is no evidence that sex education programs which include discussions of contraception increase the incidence of sexual activity?


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