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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Message of the Month: How to Characterize Bush

Bush has made miles of Kerry as a flip-flopper. As I have noted, numerous commentators have suggested that the charge works effectiuvely because it is the foundation from which all their attacks come. Feeling momentum slipping away from them, the Bushies have begun to shift into the tired old Liberal line (see NewDonkey for an excellent analysis and prediction of this trend). So what has Kerry got?
For a while, it seemed he was searching -- "W stands for wrong," "Bush is stubborn," and now we have "Bush is living in his own fantasy world of spin." Here's my two cents. The Kerry theme ought to be, "Bush is wild and thoughtless." Or "reckless and thoughtless." Here are some reasons I think it works.
  • It connects with what people in polls already indicate they know about Bush's stupid side ("OB-GYNs can't practice their love for women!")
  • It also connect with the rashness of his Iraq actions.
  • Then one can use it to undermine his Social Security privatization and health plans which are half baked ideas at best.
  • It explains why he doesn't get that the economy isn't growing how it should -- the recovery is anemic at best and we paid a fortune for it. How different would this be from a normal cyclical recovery? Perhaps his cuts have actually been the problem?
  • There is a huge deficit for our kids to pay off, but what does he care?
  • It allows Kerry to defend his opposition to Bush spending billions on a missile defense system that is untested and untried while refusing money for research into alternative energy sources.
  • It explains why Bush think we need more tax cuts.
  • It explains his elegant touch in foreign policy in which he manages to offend everyone. He goes to the UN to ask for support and says in effect, "I would like your support but I don't need it and will do what I want anyway." Sounds like a plan.
  • The list goes on.


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