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Saturday, September 18, 2004

The Kerry Health Care Ad I Want to See

Political ads can be so boring sometimes. Heck, I guess most times. Most political consultants get into media from campaigns. It's not like they have a background in creative work. So you get lots of head shots, staid camera angles. The kind of stuff that makes a channel surfer say -- "ahhh political ad, click!" I have to say, though, that lately they are getting quite good.

What do I know about the subject? Less actually. But if I wanted to make a domestic issues ad for Kerry (which I do by the way), this is how I would do it.

I would start with a wrinkled dollar bill on the ground. Then I would show a gust of wind pick it up. The wind would blow the dollar bill around in a dance, much like the plastic bag shot in American Beauty that everyone ooh'd and ahh'd over. This would happen over a concrete driveway in front of a wide door two car garage. While this was happening I would have a narrarator (maybe a woman's voice since this is a family budget issue) say:

"One dollar. Less than one dollar a week. This is how much a family of four would save if President Bush's health care plan passed. President Bush wants you to believe that our health care crisis is all due to frivolous lawsuits. But the Congressional Budget Office estimated that lawsuits and malpractice insurance only account for 4% of health care costs. Bush's proposal they said, would reduce this by less than one half of one percent. That's about a dollar a week. A dollar a week. John Kerry has a plan to save families about $1,000 a year from their health care costs. Isn't it time for a President who will do something for honest Americans? Vote John Kerry for President.

"Or hope for a dollar..."

And the commercial closes with the dollar bill being blown against a rusty chain linked fence with a close-up.

Whaddya think?


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