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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Message of the Day: George Bush the Flim Flam Man

Howard Dean was on the O'Franken Factor yesterday and he called George Bush the "flimflam man." He said if Republicans call Kerry a flip-flopper, we should call Bush the Flimflam Man.

From Merriam-Webster's Dictionary:

Main Entry: 1flimĀ·flam Pronunciation: 'flim-"flamFunction: nounEtymology: probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse flim mockery1 : DECEPTION, FRAUD 2 : deceptive nonsense.

That seems about right.

He pointed out:

  1. George Bush opposed the Department of Homeland Security, then he supported it.
  2. George Bush opposed the 9/11 Commission, then he supported it.
  3. George Bush opposed testifying before the commission, then he agreed to.
  4. George Bush said the war on terror was unwinnable, then he said it was winnable.
  5. George Bush opposed Campaign finance reform, then he supported it and signed it into law.
  6. George Bush opposed a panel to investigate WMD intelligence failures, now he supports it.
  7. George Bush opposed nation building and using the army for this purpose in 2000, now he supports it
  8. George Bush said he would stop at nothing to capture Osama Bin forgotten, now he says he doesn't care where Bin Laden is.
  9. George Bush said he supported a ban on assault weapons, but he did nothing to stop the ban from expiring.
  10. George Bush said he opposes using stem cells for scientific research because it destroys embryos, but he says nothing about in-vitro fertilization which destroys unused fertilized embryos all the time.
  11. George Bush laughed at Al Gore's call for hybrid autos, now he supports more funding for research on the subject.
  12. George Bush opposed the Road Map for peace in the Mideast, now he supports it.
  13. George Bush said states ought to decide issues of gay marriage, but now he supports a federal constitutional amendment to limit state options on this matter.
  14. George Bush supported caps on CO2 emissions, but now he opposes them.


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