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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Keep the Faith

We are gonna win. We are gonna win.

In the last two days the Right-wing spin machine has managed to convince the national media to sell the latest poll numbers under the packaging "OBL tape swings Polls to Bush." There are only two polls that I know of that have Bush leading by 5 pts or more -- CNN and TIPP. And if it's any consolation, TIPP had Bush leading Gore 48-39 two days out from Election Day in 2000. Gallups latest numbers are a week old and still show the Gallup margin of 5-6% in favor of Bush but Gallup's credibility has pretty much been shot on this one I think. See DonkeyRising for his critique. All of the other polls actually show a Kerry trend. Fox, Zogby, Rasmussen, & WashPost all show a Kerry trend and a miniscule Kerry lead. If anything, the polls have tightened since the tape. Once again, as everyone says, the ground game will determine this race. If you are voluntering to help get out the vote, know that you are doing the Lord's work. See this eloquent post on TPM for inspiration. See NewDonkey for an explanation why the media have all bought Karl Rove's spin.

The news is good. The electoral college polls are swinging Kerry's way. It's not four more years; it's two more days!


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