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Monday, October 25, 2004

What World Do Republicans Live in?

Friday on Air America's O'Franken Report, Al Franken hosted Joe Conason and they talked about this latest poll from the University of Maryland. (This was also discussed at the Votemaster's Electoral Vote Webpage). The poll is remarkable for it documents that large majorities of Republicans believe:
  1. That Iraq offered significant assistance to Al Qaeda and was involved in the 9/11 attacks
  2. That the 9/11 Commission found this to be true
  3. That there were WMD in Iraq
  4. That the Duelfer Report found this to be true
  5. That the US should not have gone to war if US intelligence services had found that Iraq had no WMD
  6. That a majority of the world does not oppose the US invasion of Iraq -- that is right does not
  7. That a majority of the people in the world support Bush's reelection
  8. That a majority of people in Islamic countries support the US war on terror (smaller majority)
  9. That Bush support multilateral approaches to international relations
  10. That Bush supports the Kyoto Treaty on global warming
The only word to explain such opinions is cognitive dissonance. When the facts don't agree with what you feel is right, you adjust you understanding of the facts. Bush supporters wish that these things were true since it would support their support of Bush. The only way to reconcile the conflict is to believe they are true. You can learn more about the study by clicking here.


Actually, the 911 report did say that there was at least some level of cooperation between Saddam and Al Qaeda. What level is 'large' is up to interpretation, but I'm sure the left would rather wait for an attack on the U.S. so that they can find out after the fact.

The report also was said that Iraq was indeed trying to acquire uranium (this led Kerry to disassociate himself with Joe 'yellowcake' Wilson). How much uranium is safe for Saddam to have probably isn't in too much doubt for those who don't have self destructive tendencies.

By Blogger Evil Sandmich, at 11:41 AM  

These are some articles that expound upon known facts. I could've rounded it out from different sources, but the effect is the same:
James Robbins on Iraq WMDMore James Robbins on Iraq WMDDeroy Murdock on Iraq and AttaAndrew McCarthy makes a damming case (Best article, but quite long)

By Blogger Evil Sandmich, at 7:33 PM  

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