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Friday, November 25, 2005

I Love This Excuse

Catholic hospitals under fire (Denver Post)

Catholic nonprofit hospitals - including Denver-based Catholic Health Initiatives - are increasing income while charging high prices to patients with no health insurance, according to a report by a Latino advocacy group.

The study, based on annual tax returns filed by CHI and six other large Catholic hospital systems, found net income doubled between 2003 and 2004.

At the same time, uninsured patients are being charged up to seven times as much as those covered by federal Medicare, according to the report.

The advocacy group that prepared the report, Calfornia- based Consejo de Latinos Unidos, is urging the Roman Catholic Church to intervene on behalf of the poor and uninsured.

"Rather than defending their congregation, the Catholic Church continues to let their nonprofit Catholic hospitals price-gouge," said K.B. Forbes, the group's executive director.

A spokesperson for the group representing Catholic health care providers said the uncertain nature of the U.S. health care system forces them to have plenty of reserves.

There is so much to be said here but I think this statement at the end really says it all. A Catholic nonprofit organization that has forgotten its mission. A health care system that is broken. And the indifference of us all.


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