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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

About that GM Pension Plan...

It pains me to har that GM will have to declare bankruptcy because of its health care obligations.

Consumer Reports Article - MSN Autos: "See Best and worst for a list of the models that have earned the best and worst Predicted Reliability Ratings in various vehicle categories. Following are some of the more notable survey findings:

Of the 31 cars that earned top rating, 29 were Japanese. Of these, 15 were from Toyota and its Lexus division and eight were from Honda. Some redesigned or new Japanese models from Toyota and Honda, however suffered 'first-year blues.' The new Scion tC and the redesigned 2005 Acura RL, Toyota Avalon, and Honda Odyssey earned only average reliability scores, for example.

Of the 48 cars that earned the lowest rating, 22 carry American nameplates, 20 are European, 4 are from Japan (all from Nissan and its Infiniti division), and 2 are from South Korea."

Sorry but it will declare bankruptcy because of mismanagement. But health care is still a crisis.


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