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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Allow Me to Just Say

That Daily KOS's Armando kicks butt and takes no prisoners.

Daily Kos: We Know Who Outed Plame

One of the most frustrating things I keep hearing on these idiotic cable shows is the line that even now we don't know who the leaker of Plame's identity was (I mean all of em, including Olberman.) Honest to Gawd if another person says that I am going to toss my TV. Were they NOT watching Fitzgerald's press conference? Did they NOT read the Indictment? Let me help them now. From Paragraph 14 of the indictment:

On June 23, 2003, LIBBY met with New York Times reporter Judith Miller. During this meeting . . . Libby informed her that [Joe] Wilson's wife might work at the CIA.

[more discussion of Libby and Rove's role in the outing.]

There. Is that clear now?

Oh by the way, Libby resigned, but the President said this he'd fire leakers like Rove. Any chance of that? Any chance the Media will mention that?

Finally, and this is stupid, but Lou Dobbs had a poll tonight asking if the "millions" spent investigating Plamegate were worth it. Excuse me CNN, but Fitz has spent less than a million dollars so far:

In its first 15 months, the investigation cost $723,000, according to the Government Accountability Office.

You'd think the Press might have a sense that accuracy matters. But then they never have enforced that rule on their op-ed pages. One of the most curious things about the print and broadcast media is their sense that when journalism veers into the area of opinion -- whether or not that opinion is specified as such, rather than journalistic fact -- they suddenly lose the compunction to insist on accuracy. Witness John Stossell, Lou Dobbs, Little Mr O'Reilly, etc... But you see this too in op-ed articles where no fact checking ever occurs and people are free to repeat the worst distortions of reality -- whether it be problems in the Canadian health care system or facts about Referendum C & D here in Colorado.

As for that leaker question. People are still hung up my the misdirection play of Novak who explained that the person who leaked to him was a senior government official without ties to the White House. So folks are still waiting to find out who that was. But it's now clear that official A was Karl Rove so waiting around to find out it's Richard Armitage or Colin Powell is an idle past-time. For some reason people are willing to take Novak's word that he didn't out Rove or Libby when clearly he ratted 'em out like the squeezed stoolie he is.


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