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Thursday, October 20, 2005

This is Big

Colorado Luis makes a very interesting point -- one Henry Cisneros would be happy to talk about at length.

Colorado Luis: Rule of Law

I'm one of those Bush hating liberal bloggers your mama warned you about. But I never felt terribly strongly about impeachment. Yeah, in a perfect world lying to America to start a war would be an impeachable offense, but you know. But this is a really interesting development -- Bush, who claimed all along that he just knew Karl Rove wasn't involved in outing a non-official cover CIA operative, apparently did know becaue Rove admitted it to him.

This is significant because although Bush did not testify before the grand jury that is investigating possible crimes related to the leak, Bush did give an interview to federal investigators working with Patrick Fitzgerald's prosecution team (possibly Fitzgerald himself) in which Bush reportedly said that Rove told him that Rove was not involved in the leak:

"In his own interview with prosecutors on June 24, 2004, Bush testified that Rove assured him he had not disclosed Plame as a CIA employee and had said nothing to the press to discredit Wilson, according to sources familiar with the president's interview. Bush said that Rove never mentioned the conversation with [Time reporter Matthew] Cooper."

It doesn't matter whether or not Bush was under oath. Making false statements to a federal investigator is a crime. Go ask Martha Stewart if you don't believe me.

Count me as officially on the impeachment bandwagon if this pans out. I don't care if partisan Republicans wouldn't impeach one of their own if he was caught murdering someone in broad daylight on the White House lawn. They established under the last president that lying in a legal proceeding is a "high crime and misdemeanor" suitable for impeachment. Beat them silly over the hypocrisy. It's about the rule of law, remember? It's not about the [war], it's about the lying!


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