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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What I Love about David Sirota

Is that he gets it. He has spine. He wants Democrats to have spine. He knows that the public imputes your character from how you talk about issues and having a fiesty message imputes strength of character and fortitude in crisis -- parameters where Dens are seen as being weak.

The Blog | David Sirota: Time to Put the Bush Tax Cuts on Trial | The Huffington Post

Most importantly, Sirota knows that the key to winning any debate is to set the terms. Controlling the agenda is the first step -- get the other guy to talk about what you want to talk about. You are halfway home.

So without further ado, I say let's get it on. Let's have the debate about taxes that those arrogant conservative elitists like Grover Norquist think they control. Let's let America decide whether it supports conservatives' argument that says more tax cuts are going to strengthen those dangerously creaky dams, more tax cuts are going to strengthen homeland security, and more tax cuts are going to provide better body armor to our troops fighting in Iraq. Let's let America decide whether it thinks it was a good idea to ignore expert warnings about inadequate hurricane/flood infrastructure on the Gulf Coast and instead spend billions giving Bill Gates another tax cut. The simple truth is that sooner we put the tax cut debate into these real-world terms, the sooner progressives will start winning a tax debate that we have lost to devastating consequences.


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