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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Cleveland Surging - My Call

Maybe it is because I am an inveterate Chicago sports fan (read pessimist) but low and behold the White Sox, have managed to squander the 15 1/2 game lead they held on August 1st. The surging Indians are 2 and a half back and lead the Yankees by 1 and a half in the Wild Card standings. A few weeks ago, I told a commentor on the blog that I thought the Indians would not be the wild card team this year. I say it again now. My prediction, Yankees win the East, Indians win the Central, the Angels win the West, and..... The Red Sox win the wild card. In other words, the usual season ending scenario. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I don't see the White Sox doing anything. The West is harder to call. The key is the four game series at the end of the year -- great foresight in the League office. But both teams are playing like crap now and can only beat the worst teams in the League. Lucky for them, the Angels have Texas and Tampa Bay up next while Oakland has Minnesota and Texas. None of this really matters though. The Indians are looking like the 2003 Marlins of this year and head into the post season the best team in baseball.

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