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Thursday, September 15, 2005

This about says it all

That same day, the New Orleans police made a dramatic entrance. Sgt. Hans Ganthier and 12 other New Orleans SWAT team members entered the center, M-4 commando rifles at the ready. Prayers had been answered -- only it was a rescue mission of a different purpose.

A Jefferson Parish police deputy had appealed to SWAT team Capt. Jeff Winn for help in bringing out his wife and a female relative from the center. "He knew they were there and was hearing nightmarish stories," said Ganthier, who declined to identify the officer for security reasons.

Winn approved the mission.

When the SWAT team entered at 11 a.m., the Jefferson Parish officer called out his wife's name. She heard him, and along with the relative rushed to his side. The SWAT team put the women in the middle of the team, then backed out the door.

Once it became clear that the SWAT team had come with the single goal of rescuing two white women, anger exploded.

"Racists!" one man cried out.

"Some people were upset we weren't rescuing them," said Ganthier. "It's hard to leave people behind like that, but we were aiding an officer."

The thin blue line. The strange code of officers to protect their own regardless of the relationship with their mission as officers is one of the things I have never understood. I don't understand why IAD's are always viewed with suspicion. I don't understand why police would rather protect a crooked one of their own than do their job and prosecute and prevent all crimes. And I don't understand how a SWAT team could have left the Convention Center like that. I understand it. But it's a sad commentary on the whole state of policing in America.


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