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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Sure Sign Denver is Over Bought

Whirlwind tour sold Trump team ( - BUSINESS)

Donald Trump and his developers have "fallen in love with Denver" and plan a "signature Trump piece" in Lower Downtown, a member of his team said Tuesday.

And Trump's Denver canvas could grow: The city's request for proposals will extend beyond Union Station to include the city block bordered by 16th, 17th, Blake and Market streets, Cal Marsella, general manager of the Regional Transportation District, confirmed.

The New York real estate titan caught Denver by surprise this week by seeking city qualification to serve as "master developer" of Denver's historic Union Station project.

I think the smart money says sell!!!!!!! When Donald Trump arrives, you can pretty much bet you are at the top of the market. Here is the classic example of a man who fails upwards. If there is a more over rated developer I have yet to see it. Together with this NYTimes article about Denver, I think you can make the case that this market is likely to be flat for at least a decade. Whatever growth Denver is likely to experience is already imputed into existing prices and then some.


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