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Sunday, August 21, 2005

With Friends Like These

So much for that Lott comeback for the Senate leadership. Hard to make a case for that when you become the poster boy for bitter ex-leaders.

Lott Demurs on Frist Character Question - Yahoo! News:

"WASHINGTON - When Sen. Trent Lott (news, bio, voting record) decides which GOP presidential candidate to support in 2008, it apparently will not be Sen. Bill Frist (news, bio, voting record), the Tennessee Republican who Lott says betrayed him at a low moment in his political career.

Asked Sunday on NBC's 'Meet the Press' whether Frist, who challenged and succeeded Lott as Senate majority leader in 2002, has the character to be president, Lott paused before answering. 'I think I'd have to think about that,' said Lott, R-Miss."

Gee, your losing your job couldn't have anything to do with your twice (not once but twice) having said the country would have been better off electing segregationist Strom Thurmond in 1948, who ran on a specifically segregationist platform? There's a word for this in therapy groups like AA but it escapes me. But Trent might want to consider getting one of those 12 steps tapes.


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