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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Money Talks in These Studies

Most previous studies of cell phone use and car accidents have found no connection. Of course, most of those studies were funded by the cell phone industry. Anyone who has walked or ridden a bicycle in a central city though knows that you can pretty much assume that when you see a driver with acell phone glued to his or her ear, he or she probably hasn't seen you.

Now comes the insurance industry with their take on the subject.

Drivers using cell phones more likely to crash - Wireless World - "WASHINGTON - Drivers using cellular phones are four times as likely to get into a crash that can cause injuries serious enough to send them to the hospital, said an insurance study released Tuesday.
Research by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety suggests that using a hands-free device instead of a hand-held phone while behind the wheel will not necessarily improve safety.
The institute said it was the first attempt to estimate whether phone use increases the risk of an injury crash in automobiles."


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