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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Leader of the Free World

Dubya may think he is. He may have the most powerful army. America may be the most powerful economy. But again and again, Tony Blair demonstrates that one's standing as the leader of the free world depends more upon depth, intelligence, moral conviction and international commitment than it does on brute force and stubborness

ABC News: Blair Vows to Press Ambitious G-8 Agenda: "GLENEAGLES, Scotland Jul 6, 2005: World leaders faced pressure from the United States to scale back goals for relieving African poverty and combatting global AIDS, but British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Wednesday he planned to keep campaigning for his ambitious objectives with other world leaders. "
When asked about reports that Britain is preparing to scale back its demands on support for Africa and climate change in the face of U.S. opposition, Blair said he is "prepared to hold out for what is right."


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