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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Keep Your Stinkin' Hands Off My Social Security

Social Security is next for Gang of Fourteen - The Hill:

"Some of the senators who banded together to forestall the �nuclear option� are eyeing a new goal: reforming Social Security.

After the group of 14 senators struck the high-profile deal on judicial nominees Monday evening, some political observers immediately speculated that the centrists could become a driving force in the 109th Congress.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) wasted little time in touting the group�s clout. In an interview with Chris Matthews on �Hardball� on Monday night, Graham said, �Watch this group of 14 to come out with some deal for Social Security.�"

Some folks just don't get it. The opponent is on the ropes and here they are trying to help walk him to the corner.

This is the problem when you reside in the beltway bubble and drink the cool-aid. You accept that the major crisis facing the country is Social Security and agree to throw out all principle (even when its scoring big political points) to forestall a program related $100 billion dollar deficit that is 40 years away when you have a $400 billion deficit that is far more dangerous and destabilizing and staring you in the face. Centrists Dems are convinced they need to play the game or voters will punish them for being obstructionist. Oh yeah, remember how voters punished Republicans in 1994 for opposing the Clinton health plan with nothing? Give me some of that kind of punishment!

Daily Kos has an interesting take on the issue and posts this from Liberal Oasis:

"In one fell swoop, Democrats should declare the following:

"The Social Security debate has ended, as the public has rejected partial privatization and is not demanding any hasty changes to the system.

"In turn, Democrats will no longer participate in congressional hearings on Social Security, and will not debate Social Security with Republicans in the media, at least until Republicans drop privatization.

"Instead, Democrats will begin addressing the real crisis of Medicare and skyrocketing health care costs, by putting on the table a few comprehensive reform plans, leading their own hearings to foster public debate and discussion about them, and culminating with a single plan for the party to run on in the 2006 congressional elections.

"Why would this strategy work? Because it flows from what Democrats have already been saying."

For those demanding a Democratic "plan" for a "crisis", give them a plan to help solve a real crisis.


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