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Monday, May 23, 2005

Errant Pilot Transcends Space Time Continuum

Senate Briefly Recesses After Plane Scare - Yahoo! News:

At the same time that another plane wandered into the Washington no fly zone, the FAA announced it was suspending the pilot's license of Jim Sheaffer -- the pilot who last week ventured too close to the Capitol, triggering a massed stampede of pennyloafers and sensible shoes. The FAA wrote:

"He didn't take the most basic steps required of pilots before flying a plane, the FAA said. He failed to check the weather report before leaving Smoketown, Pa., and he didn't check the FAA's 'Notices to Airmen,' which informs pilots of airspace restrictions and how to respond to a military aircraft.

When he got lost, he didn't call air traffic control or a flight service station to establish his location, which was 40 to 45 miles south of where he actually was, the FAA said."



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