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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Great Moments in Kansas History

Kansas Begins Hearings on Diluting Teaching of Evolution - New York Times:

"'Can you tell us, sir, how old you believe the Earth is?' the lawyer, Pedro Irigonegaray, asked William S. Harris, a chemist, who helped write the proposed changes to the state standards.

'I don't know,' Dr. Harris replied. 'I think it's probably really old.'"

....For Kansas, the debate is déjà vu: the last time the state standards were under review, in 1999, conservatives on the school board ignored their expert panel and deleted virtually any reference to evolution. But they were ousted in the next election and their changes were undone.

...Now, though the eight proponents of intelligent design were outnumbered on the 26-member committee writing the new standards, the state board's 6-to-4 conservative majority set up this week's showcase hearings to highlight their own suggestions for the way to teach science.

(aside) I love it when elected citizens decide to tell teachers how to teach subjects they know nothing about.


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