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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to apply for the position of....

Brad Delong points to Bruce Bartlett at RealClear Politics who expresses concern about the number of unfilled positions at the Treasury Department.

Now, most of the key sub-Cabinet positions are vacant, and it appears that the administration is having great difficulty filling these positions. Among those currently vacant are the deputy secretary, two of the three under secretaries, five assistant secretaries and a number of other key positions.... This is really quite amazing, because normally Treasury has no trouble attracting very high quality people for its senior positions.

So, George, please accept this posting as an application for a minor position as Assistant Secretary of Something at Treasury. A minor complication is the fact that I am a Democrat and slightly to the Left of everyone in your administration and in your Party but I see no reason to hold this as a compelling reason against my appointment. Here's why you should consider me.

1) I can do the job which is to essentially do nothing since all power (and economic policy) seems to emanate from the White House.

2) I agree with some previous Treasury appointees you named on several aspects of your tenure.

3) It doesn't look like you will be naming anyone for these positions anyway.

4) I promise to wear a navy blue suit and red tie with a blue shirt.

5) I can say prime rate and Social Security in the same sentence without trippping over my tongue.

6) I could use the fancy addition of the title to my resume.

7) I am dying to write a kiss and tell all book.

8) I always wanted to drive around DC in a black town car.

9) I desire to make financial markets quake at my utterances.

10) Someone needs to be there to pick up the pieces when yet another of your economic teams implodes.


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