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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Poll News

Good news on the polling front. The Votemaster, who keeps a complete and comprehensive tally of state by state polling results that also tabulates possible electoral vote totals has Kerry beginning to move ahead in the state by state races. Check out the polling data for October 20th. These state by state polls fluctuate a lot and tomorrow Bush could be leading by 40 electoral votes (This is due to the fact that Kerry is given all the electoral votes in a state today even if he only is only leading by one point while Bush would get the same state tomorrow if he takes a one point lead -- all within the margin of error anyway). But one thing is worth noting beyond the fact that Kerry tallies 294 electoral votes. He appears to have sizable leads in MN, PA, & NM, states that leaned Bush or were tied. Florida is still up for grabs but then so is Ohio if you place your mouse over the state and look at the resultant numbers. More interesting still is that this map begins to lay out a possible Kerry landslide scenario (kudos to Nancy Harrow!) Kerry is close in (get this) WV, VA, NC, and Tennessee. I doubt Kerry will win those but this map has got to be keeping Karl Rove awake at night.

Daily tracking polls are available at the following weblink. The only concern here is the Washington Post Poll numbers. Everything else looks favorable to Kerry. Remember undecideds typically break 2-1 for the challenger although who knows what is likely this year.