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Monday, June 14, 2010

DANA MILBANK - Andrew Romanoff's cynical fratricide

The only thing I don't like about this article are the following:
I've also admired Romanoff's success in Colorado politics, where he was by all accounts a model legislator, a centrist Democrat who built consensus with Republicans on thorny issues such as immigration. But now he has hired Howard Dean's former strategist, Joe Trippi, and he's practicing the Dean style of Democratic fratricide, even as he acknowledges being an "imperfect messenger" for an anti-establishment uprising.
In what way is Democratic fratricide a Dean-style thing? If I recall 2000 correctly, it was a bunch of Democrats at the DLC, namely Al From and his buddy Paul Begala, who went out of their way to slip the knives into Dean's surge in Iowa. And since when is a model legislator "a centrist Democrat who builds consensus with Republicans?" Especially when the issue on which he build consensus is essentially how we can scapegoat immigrants a bit more for the economic problems we face.


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