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Monday, September 05, 2005

One of these folks is guilty of idiocy at best

Here are the credits from the Newsweek story (the one where political spin is reported as fact).

This story was written by Evan Thomas with reporting from T. Trent Gegax in Baton Rouge; Jonathan Darman with the National Guard; Catharine Skipp and Joseph Contreras in New Orleans; John Barry, Pat Wingert, Martha Brant, Daniel Klaidman, Mark Hosenball, Michael Isikoff, Holly Bailey, Susannah Meadows and Steve Tuttle in Washington; Carol Rust and Staci Semrad in Texas, and Andrew Murr and Jessica Silver-Greenberg

Bold represents the most likely suspects. In related news, Joseph Contreras (listed above) was on MSNBC today and commented that he had covered famine in east Africa, Ebola outbreaks in West Africa, civil war in Guatemala, Peru, Columbia, Honduras and Nicaragua, and floods in Sri Lanka but never had he seen a governmental response as inadequate as this one. Third World countries he said, had done a better job responding to crisis and protecting their people than this one -- the strongest, richest, and most technically advanced country in the world. That'll make you think.


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