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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Who's Paying for Our Patriotism?

Uwe Reinhardt. I wish I could call him my mentor. He was at least my professor but he is one of my intellectual idols, if there could be said to be such a thing. His latest in the WaPo is a classic (as is almost everything that emerges when he puts pen to paper.)

Who's Paying for Our Patriotism? by Uwe Reinhardt:

"When our son, then a recent Princeton graduate, decided to join the Marine Corps in 2001, I advised him thus: 'Do what you must, but be advised that, flourishing rhetoric notwithstanding, this nation will never truly honor your service, and it will condemn you to the bottom of the economic scrap heap should you ever get seriously wounded.' The intervening years have not changed my views; they have reaffirmed them."

Read the rest here. Priceless.


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