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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

You Mean People Actually Pay on the Basis of Need?

I am shocked, horrified to learn of proposals to distribute financial aid on the basis of need. Consider the following: - LOCAL NEWS: "The legislature's Joint Budget Committee on Tuesday rejected separate plans by the University of Colorado and Gov. Bill Owens' staff to reduce CU's tuition increase for in-state students and asked them to get together and come up with a compromise.

The JBC was supposed to consider cutting CU's legislature- authorized tuition increase of $43.5 million by $13.8 million, at the request of Owens, but committee members did not act on that.

Committee members also did not unanimously endorse a CU proposal that would have ensured tuition increases no greater than 15 percent for students whose families have incomes of $80,000 a year or less.

Rick O'Donnell, executive director of the Colorado Commission on Higher Education, blasted CU's proposal, saying it will treat students differently depending on their parents' income. "

This is the executive director of the Colorado Commission on Higher Education and aspirant to the congressional seat of Bob Beauprez. Is he at all aware that financial aid program work on the basis of parental income and familes do not pay the same tuition rates on the basis of income?


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