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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Law Unto Itself

My understanding is that courts have typically deferred to doctor patient privilege witha few exceptions in the case of psycho-therapists who may have knowledge of a crime or potential crime. But this news out of Texas is a doozy. "Legal experts say the arrest warrant issued by a Texas military judge last week for a civilian Colorado Springs therapist who refused to turn over treatment records of a former Air Force cadet is an unprecedented move by a military court. "


Randolph Air Force Base Judge David Brash issued a warrant Thursday commanding federal marshals "to apprehend Jennifer Bier wherever she may be found in the United States" and confiscate records of her sessions with former cadet Jessica Brakey for use in court-martial proceedings.

The warrant accompanied a sealed court order rejecting Bier's argument that she has an ethical and legal obligation to protect the privacy rights of Brakey, who has accused 2nd Lt. Joseph Harding, also a former cadet, of raping her.


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